Martha De la Chaussee

Martha De la Chaussee

Advocate Tax Group -- Business Type: Tax Consultant
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Advocate Tax Group -- Business Type: Tax Consultant
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    14530 Pacific Avenue
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    Baldwin Park
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    Advocate Tax Group
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    Tax Resolution Expert, Owner of Advocate Tax Group
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    IRS, EDD, BOE,FTB representation
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    Tax Consultant
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    USA nation wide
  • I Provide the following products and services:
    Tax Audit and Debt representation to resolve tax problems with Internal Revenue Service and State Tax Agencies for individuals and all other business entities. Expert in tax debt resolution that is in the best interest of clients. Worked within IRS for 25 years as a Collection Revenue Officer. Assigned to work large tax debtor cases, high profile and complex tax debt issues in the Los Angeles District.
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  • Who is a good referral for me:
    Businesses who have tax audits pending, tax debts with federal and tax agencies.
  • My customer's common needs I don't provide:
    Tax Court Services, Tax Return preparation, Bankruptcy filings, Real Estate Sales, Financial Advisers to invest money that was used for tax debts.
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    Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, Financial Advisers.