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  • 1.a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style


  • 1.add new material to or regularly update a blog"it's about a week since I last blogged"                                Generated by  Oxford Dictionaries

  • Millions of people blog, and billions of people read the blogs of strangers. Did you know that The Huffington Post is largely a blog? WordPress, which started out as a blogging platform, has now become one of the most popular CMS for websites. The reason? It’s easy to blog. Fill in the fields, hit “Publish” and that’s it! We’re on the Web, ready to engage with friends and clients—and potential friends and clients.

    Of course we are told we must blog for "discoverability" and "SEO," and there are plenty of articles on the web about it. But in addition to that, business people often blog in order to generate authority for themselves in their fields. We blog to show our engagement with, our passion for, and our continuing growth in, whatever industry it is that we’re in.

    In my particular case, the fields of writing, editing, and publishing, there is an overabundance of blogs. I know there’s not much I could say on my site that someone else hasn’t already said in a slightly different way. But even though I might not have anything completely new to say, I still blog. And I refuse to waste my time re-inventing the wheel. I blog infrequently, just often enough so that potential clients visiting my website know that I am still alive and working. I blog about my projects and my client’s projects (with their permission), because no one knows anything about those things better than I do. I blog about exciting industry events and trends that are particularly meaningful to me, and, because I am selling my skill and craft as a writer/editor, I make sure the copy is clean and my point well articulated. Every post is a sample of my work, a sample of my voice.

    Another case, that of a public-speaker and advocate for prescription drug abuse policy reform (for whom I was a ghostwriter and editor), there were only a few places that disseminated the information he was passing on. The purpose of his blog is to inform and support and advocate. He uses his blog and newsletter to impress upon people the urgency of his cause, to earn the trust of an audience that might invite him to speak and share his story with them, and also to heal from his own experience. His voice, that of a regular-Joe, helped put forward his “it can happen to anyone” theme. When we read his blogs, we get a strong sense of who he is. And his message is clear: Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic that cannot be ignored.  He asks us to lock up our meds. And he also asks us to buy his books. We trust him. 

    We don’t need to present cutting-edge material, unless our business is cutting-edge. We only need to create relevant and interesting content that will support our credibility in our respective industries and let potential clients know that we know the business we are in. It helps build trust, and is the first step towards building a relationship with a stranger—who might become a client. Or a friend.

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