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The FIRST Step to Increased Referrals

Suppose I told you that I know of someone who could double or triple the referrals you get this year.  And, get this, you know this person too.  You should, you see him or her every morning... in the mirror.  

The first step to increasing your referrals starts with two simple principles: ...

  1. You are responsible for 98% of why you are where you are, how you feel, even what happens to you (you put yourself in the place where these things happen).
  2. To change your results (i.e. increased referrals, more business, higher margins, increased profits, etc.) you need to change your behavior. 

Ever see someone who complains (or keeps is quiet) that they hardly get any referrals at all?  There are plenty of reasons why...just ask them.  Seldom will they tell you it is entirely their doing, but it almost always is. 

On the other hand we all know that "superstar" in their field, the one that everyone seems to know, is crazy busy closing business and seems almost swamped with referrals and easy high margin business "tossed their way".  Ask them who is responsible for their getting all those referrals and they will tell you clearly they are.  And they are.

Each are the ones responsible for their numerous (or lack of) referrals. If you looked closer you would see major differences in their behavior and practices around generating referrals.  It is their attitude, knowledge around what to do, and their behavior and practices around referrals that makes the difference. 

So, it seems so simple. All we need to do is learn WHAT to do and we can become "swamped" with referrals too.  Actually, that IS the simple part.  It seems the sources of tips, tricks, and best practices for generating "endless" referrals are about as "endless" as the referrals they talk about. There are books, podcasts, seminars, lectures, networking organizations, and websites (like B4BNetworks...but not exactly) all offering tips and tricks to increase your referral business. As a matter of fact we are compiling a B4BNetworks Resource List and will direct you to what we believe are the very best sources. Check back for a pending update with a link to our resource list.

While some of these advice sources are much better than others, the problem isn't that you can't find what to do to greatly increase your referral business, the problem for most of us is that we simply won't do what we know we probably should be doing.  We haven't so far.  I mean, we aren’t the one who is saying ”I couldn’t handle another high margin referral this month if I had one” now are we? The reason?  #1 and #2 above.  Taking total responsibility and the really hard part, being willing to really change our behavior to drive change we want in our results.  When you are really ready to embrace and address these two key principles then the rest is actually quite easy in comparison.  

So, now you are really ready for change....I mean more and better client referrals, easier sales with higher margins, more business, more profits and working smarter not harder….you know, change. Ok, what to do now?

That starts with step TWO in increasing your referrals and is the topic of our next blog update.



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