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New to B4BNetworks? Jump Start Your Network!

So you just joined B4BNetworks....Now what? Here is a short series of blogs to jump start the building of a productive and competitive professional business network with little time or effort.  Here is the first in the series.

Simple Quick Start 3 Step: 


WHY:  So other members who are looking for a business like yours to meet their customer's needs they don't address can find you and you to their growing, customer focused business network.  Also, the B4BNetworks Matching Engine can't find ideal business partners and referral sources if you don't have your business profile at least 80% complete. 

HOW:  Simple click on "Edit Profile" in the "Complete Your Profile Box", watch the short Edit Your Profile video   and create your own referral magnetic business profile.


WHY:  The B4BNetworks platform can double the number of referrals you get from you existing network by allowing you to bring them greater value, stay "top of mind" in a positive way and better team to better serve your common customers while making both of you more competitive to win more business than either of you could alone.  

HOW:  First, invite your existing network before someone else does. As a B4BMember you can offer no cost memberships to your entire existing business network by inviting them to join your network you are growing and managing on the B4BNetworks platform.  They get all the same benefits, blogging, networking events, a referral management system, tools to grow and optimize their own network (which you will be part of), and more, all at no cost and because of your invitation for them to join your professional business network.  Two ways to invite yoru existing network: 

  1. Use the "Add New Member" link from the main menu to simply add a professional to your network without an invitation and the B4BNetworks system will send them a notice that you have added them to your professional business network that includes a username and password for them to login and start enjoying the many benefits of the site. 
  2. Use the "Invite Associates" link (from main menu or under the "Associates" menu) where you can use a number of tools to invite others automatically from gmail, yahoo mail, facebook, Microsoft Office and even download contacts from LinkedIn. 


WHY:  Because there are probably hundreds of businesses, key professionals and potential clients who should know who you are, what products and services you provide and how you can help them and/or their customers.  But they don't... and instead are going to your competition.  Change that now and in a very big way. 

HOW:  Use the same tools as in #2 above to find and invite new potential business partners, referral sources and even key clients but also leverage a key ability of B4BNetworks take a CSV download of your entire LinkedIn contact list, group, association or Chamber of Commerce list and send them a "qualifying invitation" that can help identify ideal businesses and professional to add to your growing business network.  Two ways in jumpstart the growth of your professional network: 

  1. LinkedIn search, matching and invitation:  Go to your Linkedin Profile, My Network, Connections then click on the settings or "gear" icon on the far right, then click on Export Linkedin Connections under "Advanaced" on the top right.  Go to the B4BNetworks "Invite Associates" link then click on "Search and Invite Linkedin Contacts" where you can upload the CSV file you just downloaded from LinkedIn.  You can then pick and choose which contacts (or "all contacts") you want to extend a custom invitation to.  This invitation is a natual filter finding key contacts that share your same customer base and believe there is value in the two of you working together.  Typically you will get the top 5%-10% of your contacts, the ones most in common with you and your client base responding to your invitation meanwhile your get positive exposure (you are offering them a no cost membership to a unique networking platform) to everyone you sent the inviation to.  You can't have enough positive exposure. 
  2. Use your custom "Invite by URL" link in emails, blogs, on your LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and other business social sites with a short invitation to join your growing business network.  Again, there is a natual filter effect with only those members who believe the two of you can exchange referrals, partner in marketing and advertising, share customer contacts, or benefit in other ways responding to your invitation.  Overtime you will build a large,  productive business network you can easily manage and work with using the many networking tools provided by your B4BNetworks membership.

Congratulations on your invitaion to join B4BNetworks and feel free to contact B4B staff or our growing number of Business Ambassadors should you need any assistance get you new, productive business network jumpstarted into the fast lane with our many business networking and development tools. 




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