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 Are You In the Mortgage Business?

Here are 5 great marketing tips to better serve your customers, reduce your workload and increase your bottom line.

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Mortgage marking is usually based on traditional advertising methods and often it is not very interactive. Targeting marketing enables mortgage brokers to create automated messages based around individual client needs and feedback. Let’s look at a few ideas that are all about engaging clients and boosting loyalty, while also reducing your work load and demands on your time: 


1) Use social media to your advantage. If you’re not active on social media, you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with new potential clients. Social media is a great way to show your knowledge as a mortgage broker, connect with other businesses in the community, build brand awareness, answer client questions and more. Use automated social media management to make the most of your time.


2) You need to make your mortgage broker services stand out from the crowd. One way to call positive attention to your business and attract new clients is by getting referrals. After each client you help, ask for a referral. You can easily do this through simple online surveys. An all-in-one mortgage broker marketing solution will enable you to easily create and distribute surveys. You won’t get a referral from every client, but you will get some, along with lots of useful feedback to help you improve your services.


3) Track your online leads and referrals sources in detail so you can connect with them personally. Even if a lead comes to your website and doesn’t leave their contact information, you can still gather lots of information about them. Lead tracking follows a lead, tracks where they come from, records which links they click and so on. This builds up a detailed personal profile for each lead. If the lead does leave their email or phone number, you can then reach out. Constantly gathering online data lets you learn which parts of your website get the most attention so you can optimize the site. Personal profiles also enable you to connect with leads based on their individual interests and online activity.


4) Chat live with clients and leads right on your site. A live chat tool is invaluable because it provides a way to connect with online visitors instantly instead of them calling and waiting on the phone. While they are browsing your site, the live chat is always available on their screen. You are there to answer any questions or point them in the right direction.


5) Create personalized mortgage broker campaigns for each of your clients and referral partner networks. With marketing automation, emails can automatically go out to each client based on their own needs and preferences. This helps you build loyalty and engagement with clients, but you don’t have to spend any extra time creating campaigns. Simply select how you want your messages to be sent and they will go out to your clients at the appropriate time.

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Lets be honest about YOUR business referrals:


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