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Lets be honest about YOUR business referrals:


The Referral Claim:      
Most small to medium businesses claim that business referrals are a huge part of their success with many stating that 60 to 90, some even claim 100 percent of their business coming from referrals.  However...

The Reality
It is true for many that claim it, but surprisingly less than you might think.  Why?

Many know that most of thier business should come from referrals and certainly wish it did.  Yet, how many professionals have told you "I should be getting most of my business from referrals I don't."

Some marketing coaches advise their clients to "say" they get most or all their business from referrals as this makes a good impression with new prospective clients.  A very well know real estate marketing mentor advised his clients during the downturn of the real estate market in 2008-2010 to claim that "they have never been busier" or that "business is booming, you just have to know how to sell in this market", again because of the positive impression it makes on new prospects.  In that recorded webinar there was no discussion about these claims needing to be true or not.

YOUR business referral network:  Lets be honest, for most of us....

1)  Customer and business partner referrals should be driving more of our business than it does.

2)  We could easily handle 2, 3....5? times the business referrals we get today and wish we were getting 5 times the referrals.

3)  We spend more money on traditional business promotion and marketing efforts than building a productive referral network.

4)  While we may be spending lots of time trying to "network" it isn't resulting in a referral network that actually produces a large, growing number of referrals.  

5)  We probably would redirect more of our efforts to building a productive referral network if there was simply something we could do that actually worked.


1) How do you find ideal referral partners who see dozens, or hundreds of opportunities to refer you?

2) How do you bring them and their customers value so they will want to refer their customers to you?

3)  How do you stay engaged and "top of mind" so they will remember to refer you when the time comes?  

4)  How do you develope a plan to grow, track and manage your growing referral network and activity? 

Good News!

We have the answers to these questions and more.  This blog will share little known but proven business referral best practices that are used by those businesses that actually do get the majority of their business through referrals.  We will expose the myths, traps, dead ends and pit falls of old fashion out of date, traditional "networking" practices and share with you what actually works. 


How to quickly search 1000's business and professionals for your ideal referral partner.  Did you do that last week?  Why not? Over time it would be a huge help in growing your network, increasing the referrals you receive and your W2 this year.

WOM (Word Of Mouth) is NOT the best referral source.  While it is a good one we explain why others can be much, much better.

How to stay "engaged" and bring value to your ideal referral partners.  How to best earn trust, bring value and stay "top of mind" on those who can send you the most referrals?  

How to bring greater value to your customers at no additional cost.  We discuss over looked and under valued ways to improve your customer experience, built greater trust and created more dependency on you and your services. 

...and much more.  We will be addressing these issues and more with contribution from some of the area's leading experts in business sales, marketing, referral and business network development right hear in this blog. 

(Do you have something to contribute or share with our other members?  Do you have expertise in any of the above or something else to share with our other members?  If so, comment to this post or contact the author.)

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Also, please comment on this introduction and share what topics, tips and tricks you would like to see us address in the future.   And please take just one minute to share your one "best practices" and what has proven to work of you an your business with a comment to this post.

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