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Designed and Managed by it's members, for it's members and their customers. Enjoy a Referral Management System, Blogging System, Whitepapers, Educational Videos, a Networking Event Calendar, and more all at no-cost.

B4BNetworks Proprietary Intelligent Business Matching Engine

B4BNetworks searches thousands of professional and small to medium business profiles to build you a network of ideal business partners and referrals sources. Resources that might take you years to find on your own...if ever.

Quickly Build a Large and Productive Business Network

Find numerous ideally match business partners and referral sources that serve your same customer base with non-competing service offerings. Businesses looking for a business just like YOURS to refer their customers to.

Bring Greater Value Be More Competitive Win More Business

It is better to WIN with a team then to LOSE all alone. Leverage your growing business network to better serve more of your customer's needs, bring more value, be more competitive and win more business.

Are You One That Our Members Are Looking For To Refer Their Customers To? Needed Business Types:

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Number & types of businesses B4B Members are looking for to add to their growing business network and refer their customers to. Join B4BNetworks for free and be matched with other businesses looking for a business like YOURS to refer their customers to.
Business Type Number Needed
CPA 30
Graphic Design 21
Wills or Estate Planning Law 17
Tax Return Preparation or Filing 17
Bookkeeping 16
Financial Advisory and Investment Management 16
Banking 15
Internet Marketing 12
Social Marketing 12
Homeowner, Auto or Business Insurance 11
General Insurance 11
Bankruptcy Law 7
Real Estate Agent 7
Print Media 7
Business Management 6
Restaurants and Food Related 6
Computer Consulting 6
Computer Networking 6
Mortgage Service Related 6
General Contractor 6
Mortgage loans 5
Coaching/Training 5
Promotional Products 5
SEO and Website Development 5
Estate Planning 5
Commercial Developers 5
Photography and Video Commercial 5
Sports and Rec. Misc Products or Services 5
Computer Hardware 5
Chamber of Commerce and Business Clubs 5
Swimming Pool Contractors Dealers or Designers 4
Business Law 4
Health or Long Term Care 4
Management Consulting 4
General Law 4
Computer Consultant 4
Carpentry 4
Computer Security 4
Home Inspection 3
Musician 3
Business Supplies and Equipment 3
Staffing/Recruiting 3
Bed and Breakfast Accommodations 3
Public Relations 3
Elder Law 3
Human Resources 3
Sales and Marketing Consultant 3
Landscape Architect 3
Solar 3
Handyman - Residential or Commercial 2
Real Estate or Landlord / Tenant Law 2
Leisure, Travel and Tourism 2
Market Research 2
General Dentistry 2
Diet and Weight loss 2
Appraisers 2
Financial Consultant 2
Computer Admin and Hosting and Cloud Services 2
Taxation Law 2
Appliance 2
Entertainers 2
Payroll 2
Pet Services or Vet 2
Event and Party Planning Service 2
Wedding and Event Photography 1
Other Business Services 1
Residential Construction 1
Automobile/RV Parts and Supplies 1
Patent, Trademark or Copyright Law 1
Social Media 1
Radio/TV Advertising 1
Colleges and Universities 1
Wireless 1
Beauty and Cosmetics 1
Travel Trailer and Camper Related 1
Heating and Air Conditioning 1
Property Management 1
Photography 1
Family Law 1
Concrete Contractors 1
Divorce Law 1
Stock Broker 1
Health Products (Equip or Food/Supplement) 1
Art Centers Galleries and Museums 1
Wind, Hydro, Other Energy Prod/Ser 1
Painting 1
Wired Telecom Carrier 1
Car dealers, new and used 1
Architects General 1
General automotive repair 1
Computer Software 1
Electronics / Appliance / Home Related 1
Life, Disability or Annuity Insurance 1
Computer System Design 1
Investigation/Security 1
Motorcycle and Other RV Related 1
Architectural Engineering 1
Extermination 1
Charitable/Civic/Non-Profit 1
Personal Injury Law 1
Title Insurance 1
Computer Repair 1
Legal Document/Notary Service 1
Hospitality, Hotels and Motels 1